Dog walking


Part of a dog’s daily enrichment is a walk but sometimes you may find you cannot always fulfil your dog’s needs and would like a reliable dog walker who you can trust to care for your dog when you can’t.

We provide a professional dog walking service with 10 years’ experience of walking dogs, and training too, and are fully insured.

Our dog walking service involves collecting your dog from your home, taking him or her in our car to a nearby park for approximately an hour’s exercise and then returning him or her back again.

We walk dogs in a group of about four dogs. Good behaviour is our priority to each other and also to other dogs and people. Dogs trained to come back when called are allowed off lead in parks.

On our walks, we play games with the dogs to add to their enjoyment and stimulation. It is an important part of building the dog/human relationship otherwise dogs can become too interested in other dogs or wildlife and go ‘deaf’.

If you would like a dog walking service, please send an email via comments. We can then arrange to meet so that you can ask more questions and introduce us to your dog.

Areas covered: Blackheath, East Greenwich, Charlton



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