Welcome Stanley

Today we said hello to the adorable Stanley


DOG OF THE MONTH – Red Dog Down Under


Red Dog is an Australian Kelpie. The breed were originally working dogs for sheep farmers.
He is named after the famous “Red Dog” who, in the 1970’s, lived as part of a mining community in Western Australia, and although an independent dog, who hitched his way around WA, he epitomised the relationship man can have with a dog.
Sadly the original Red Dog died in November 1979, aged only 8 years old. He ate some poisoned bait. His friends and fans were so devastated that they raised money and had a bronze statue made of him which stands at the Bay of Dampier, where he spent much of his time amongst the pioneers. He rose to fame as Louis de Bernieres wrote a book about him, which was also made into a film – Red Dog.

Investing in a friend for life

Dog has been man’s best friend for years and the desire to have a family dog is becoming more and more popular. There are about 8.5 million pet dogs in UK!

If you are considering getting a pet dog, think about the investment you are making and the responsibilities you would be taking on.  Don’t let your dog be another of the thousands that end up in a rescue centre because you ‘hadn’t thought of that’. (Around 50,000 pet dogs are dumped every year in the UK and 20,000 of those get put to sleep.)

Think about –

Choosing the right friend that is going to fit in.

Are you prepared for the financial sacrifice, if your dog is unlucky to need expensive veterinary care?

Do you have the time for your friend? If you get a puppy with the view that you will just get a dog walker, you may find you miss out on precious time to bond and train him.

And, do you have time to train him? Just teaching a dog to sit and offer a paw does not prepare him for life. Training him to come back when you call him will help protect him from danger. This, and other training takes time and patience and is an important investment in the lives of you and your dog.

Take time to think before investing in 10 years or more.