What should I tip the waiter?

Last night I ate at a well-respected restaurant chain. The meal was fine but the service, although friendly, was slow and the wine was not chilled. When the bill arrived, I was faced with the decision about the tip.

Should I :

1) Pay the customary tip, after all he did bring the food to the table?

2) Pay a lesser tip and hope he works out why, and not think I am just a stingy bitch?

3) Pay no tip at all?

4) Complain?

Today, in the park, I watched a dog owner try to call her dog back. The dog completely ignored her and carried on doing what he wanted. When she caught him, she told him off. And I wondered – had she never ‘tipped the waiter’.

Tipping the waiter can encourage good service. But conversely, if the waiter expects the tip, his service may not be as great as if he had to work for it. Emm, not paying a tip at all – well then I may get very poor service. And if I were a customer who habitually complained, I may get no service at all!



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