Held on:  Monday & Thursday evenings at 7.30pm, at All Saints Church Hall, New Cross Road, SE14 5EH (between Monson Rd & Casella Rd).

Call Dawn: 07957 653-427 (Monday class), Rob: 07726 787-343 (Thursday class)

Does your dog need training? Does he pull on the lead, not come back when he is called, jump up on you and/or others, play bite, refuse to stay when told, or not leave things when told to do so?

We run relaxed, friendly classes (either a nine or a twelve week course) designed to teach you how to have an obedient, well-mannered dog. We normally only take six owners and dogs on a course, and usually have at least three instructors helping teach you, so you will get loads of individual attention. If you would like our help, please get in touch. You can call first, or just drop in (probably best to leave your dog at home so that you can observe the class without him distracting you).

We also do one-one training and behaviour consultations for dogs with more serious issues.

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